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Why does sales attract so many highly competitive personalities ?

Updated: Jun 20, 2023

Why does sales attract so many highly competitive personalities?


Athletes, entrepreneurs, gamers? All the high-level performers I know got into sales because they’re the type of person who wants to see the payoff of their hard work and extra effort. It’s easy to see why this profession attracts these personalities. The harder you work the bigger the payoff. It’s the biggest playground for strategic thinkers, achievement seekers and challenge accepters. It’s a hard way to make an easy living because no one gets into it to be comfortable. In sales, if you’re not moving full-tilt, you’re not moving at all.

It’s definitely not a lifestyle for everyone, but for those who can keep up it’s the best career in the world.

Today we are in the world of new dimension salesmanship 4.0

Let’s start the interview with Mr. K.P.Abbas – Godfather of Switch gear Industry to understand the skills required for today’s sales force.

Question 1:

Today lot of opportunities in sales & marketing domain, but people are not ready to select this domain? Why? What do you feel about this sir?

A positive mental attitude and communication skills are the key attributes required to be a good sales person. Add to this, a “never say die”, defiance and you’ve the sales topper. Colleges do not prepare you for this. Attitude comes naturally and the other attributes can be acquired and polished. Communication skill is not about language skill and it can be taught.

Question 2:

When you started you sales career in 1976, what was your sales skill? Over the period of time how it has changed? And today people are taking about salesmanship 4.0… What do you feel about this sir?

Selling was easier then and I had the requisites of attitude and communication skills. I was lucky enough to join a well-known multinational and their internal training set me apart. Within a year, I was well on my way to a great sales career.

Modern methods of prospecting and selling requires specialized training. Nobody has the patience to train and absorb. Companies seek a ready-made package. Knowledge of Marketing is the icing on the cake.

Question 3:

How do you compare the olden day’s sales person with today’s modern salesperson?

In the olden days, you had the luxury of committing multiple mistakes and you could still make a comeback. Competition was less intense but customers and opportunities were fewer.

Today opportunities are immense but you’ve got to work smart. The avenues you look for has dramatically changed and it needs special training to solicit the right set of customers. You got to get it right the first time and every time.

Question 4:

For successful and a progressive career, it’s generally known, one has to upgrade one’s skill and knowledge. This a majority of them have realized after an IT career. What do you think about a sales career and knowledge development in this field?

A sales career opens immense opportunities. The take home package for a quality sales person is unbelievably high. It’s definitely not a desk job although it does require participants to remain net savvy and spend at least some time googling. You need to frequently re-invent and upgrade selling skills. And a sales person as he grows, if he so desires can be quite adept of establishing a venture of his own.

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